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Windows and Mac Support, Maryland.

Computer help is only a call away - Baltimore certainly has no shortage of computer repair companies, but finding a reliable one can be a challenge. Going to a retail store like Best Buy or Staples for a serious issue like virus repair or system repair can be risky. The "geeks" at these locations don't really have the experience or interest of backing up your years of data and giving you the best solution to your problem. And if you own a small business then these types of fix-it stores are not even an option.
Rather than hire and IT company, then a web development company, and then a hosting company — which only leads to a lot of finger pointing — simply call Solnet.

The difference is clear, we handle all of your businesses computer needs in one place. Our staff of IT professionals, web designers, and programmers are here to help. We will treat you the way we like to be treated, and put your issues first because we know how frustrating it ban be to have tech issues.

Contact us now for a free evaluation of your network, your website, or your overall workflow.


Why outsourcing your IT services is a good idea.

Control your IT costs.

Pay only for services when you need them. By outsourcing your IT services you effectively convert your fixed computer costs into variable costs. This leads to more effective budgeting.

Be more competitive and stay focused.

Most companies have limited resources and when companies try to handle IT services in-house it leads to excessive research and implementation, resulting in higher costs to customers and distractions.

Experience and security.

What may seem like a new problem or isolated incident is usually something an experienced IT professional has already diagnosed and solved. Therefore, it can be resolved quickly and accurately with minimal or no downtime.

Solnet builds award winning websites

Here are a few of our award winning websites. To see more check out our portfolio and see why customers entrust their most valuable marketing tool to Solnet.


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