It seems like everyday now we hear of another company being hacked in the news. In mid-May of 2021 Colonial Pipeline, carrying 2.5 million barrels per day of gasoline and other fuels, was brought to a complete halt for over a week . The outage caused prices to rise and gas shortages from fear of not being able to get gas and people hoarding fuel.

Several weeks later the world’s largest meat processor was hit by REvil, a ruthless hacking group in Russia that extorts millions from companies to return access to their data.

Building a Security Plan

Antivirus programs are inexpensive, but on their own will not completely protect your data from being hacked. Companies must take a layered approach. meaning Starting at the perimeter of the network with a commercial grade firewall like a Sonicwall, Watchgaurd, or Fortinetwith current security subscriptions. Then move inward to protect the servers and workstations with commercial grade Anti-Virus software. Lastly, you need to have solid backups – onsite and offsite.

When you go to retrieve files from your backup system it should not be your last chance. Having only one backup is a terrible mistake. Too many times companies lose files and then when they go to pull them off the backup system they realize the Backus have not been working.

Having at least two backups is the best way to avoid catastrophe. Preferably one on site and one off-site. Many companies balk at the cost of having a backup, but you need to consider what will your losses be if you can not get back up and running quickly, or worse, never?

Being upset that your paying for backups is no different than paying for fire insurance and being upset that your home did not burn down.

Getting Ransomware Protection

Solnet provides onsite and offsite backup solutions that work. We have several solutions that are Ransomware resistant. Contact us to get a quote on protecting your data.